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Heavy Metal Chelation Treatment

One method of removing heavy metals from the body is chelation therapy. What sort of options are available?

Q. What is the best method for ridding the body of heavy metals, once testing shows high levels?

A. The different methods of chelation that are done through IV (intravenous) therapy are very effective but can become quite expensive since multiple treatments are needed. The imperative thing is, no matter what method you use to chelate out heavy metals, it will also chelate your minerals. It is necessary to do chelation every other day if you are using oral products, so that in between, mineral supplementation can be taken. Oral chelation methods are not the best, since it has been shown that the digestive system breaks them down before they can get the job done. High doses of vitamin C* are possibly one of the two best oral methods as well as chorella. Do not take them on the same day as they are contraindicated.  Other than IV chelation, suppositories to chelate the metals are the next best method. Be aware that you will possibly have to use them every other day for 2 ½-3 months, like all other methods, with vitamin and mineral supplementation in between.

*The ascorbate form of Vitamin C is recommended versus ascorbic acid form (the acid can irritate the stomach, especially at high doses).

Thyroid and Auto-Immune Disorders

Q. I have been diagnosed with Basedow’s disease*, which is an auto-immune disease which attacks the thyroid, manifesting for me as a hyper-active thyroid and rather important weight loss. What does the thyroid represent?

A. The thyroid represents the will, desire or ability to move forward in life. The thyroid is stimulated by marching music for example, as used in war to urge soldiers onward. When the throat chakra and the thyroid area become over-active, it is because we are in survival mode and we are in an emergency response to life rather than being able to totally surrender to life in trust and peace –we are very hyper in trying to drive ourselves forward. The fact that auto-immune symptoms are attached to the thyroid area has to do with the fact that they are self-destructive. What we don’t realize is that only activity blocks flow in return. It is necessary for us to be active while being open to flow or alternating the time of beingness with the time of doingness. Disease will force us into beingness if this principle is not lived.

Thyroid conditions are often preceded by a toxic environment from heavy metals. You should be tested for heavy metals and you should take some steps to chelate out the heavy metals. High doses of Vitamin C (ascorbate) up to 1,000 mg, whatever the amount that the body will tolerate is recommended, but not to be taken at bedtime. Also, Pekana products that support the chelation process: Toxex, Apo-Hepat, Itires for at least 2-3 months to get rid of the metals. You can test yourself before and after treatment for heavy metals if desired.

*This disorder is known as Graves disease in the United States and Basedow’s disease in Europe.

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