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Caribbean Treasure Hunt with Almine

What is an “Almine Treasure Hunt” you may well ask? You can read more about it here, but we’ll also give you some brief details…

sm_carribeanttreasurehuntThe second part of 2013 will see three months of fun, creativity and sharing of insights as we dig through years and years of Almine’s teachings and share our own insights and creative expressions. The great thing is everyone can enter. Even if you have never done an online course or read one of her books. The huge amount of free information available is more than enough for you to use as your resource library to enter this treasure hunt! And the grand prize? A Caribbean Cruise with Almine, including 18 hours of lecture that has been dubbed the “Star Transmissions Symposium”.

You will also surely gain the benefit of some gems of knowledge, including mental, emotional and spiritual health topics while doing your research. We hope you join in the fun!