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What Causes Fatigue?

Have you ever wondered about the causes of fatique? Read on for more information about the possible causes.

Q. What are the causes of fatigue?

A. There are different types of fatigue. One is the type where you have difficulty with muscular strength, and going up the stairs seems harder than what it should be. The other one is fatigue from working, even in front of a computer, for instance. The one has to do with metabolic energy and the other with stamina. Fatigue could have several root causes, and a naturopathic clinic can usually establish which one of these it is.

1. Hormonal causes: When testosterone and progesterone are low, this will be felt in muscular strength. A saliva test given over the course of a day is needed to establish the exact ratios of hormone levels. Often doctors only give women automatic estrogen replacement therapy without doing a saliva test to determine whether or not testosterone and progesterone are low as well.

2. Glucose (sugar) metabolism: If glucose is not metabolized effectively in order to produce energy that reaches the muscles, muscle strength will also be weak.

3. Candida: Review the Candida symptoms here to determine if you may have this condition.

4. Epstein-Barr virus: EBV belongs to the herpes virus family and is one of the most common human viruses. When children are infected with EBV, the virus typically doesn’t cause any symptoms. When teens or young adults get it however, they often develop infectious mononucleosis (‘mono’ or ‘the kissing disease’). Although most cases of mono clear up in a month or two, EBV remains dormant (inactive) inside the person’s immune system cells. Most people have some traces of this virus in their body (95% in the US), because they have been exposed to it through other people, even though it may not have ended up as a full-blown case of diagnosed mononucleosis. It is often found that people who have had mono, have been treated with antibiotics  (used to treat symptoms such as tonsillitis, lymph gland swelling, etc.) and therefore have Candida. Although Epstein-Barr virus is claimed to be incurable, we have had tremendous success in treating it, along with Candida, on the 5-month Chronic Disease program, see here.

Note: It has been found that tung oil used for the manufacture of oil paints, varnishes, waterproof substance, anti-corrosives and other products, have EBV-activating potency. It is highly recommended to avoid all products that contain tung oil.

Euphorbia tirucalli, isa succulent cactus-like plant from South Africa, introduced as a garden and common houseplant (known also as pencil cactus, petroleum plant or milkbush). The sap of this plant has been clinically documented as actually promoting cancer development, suppressing the immune system, and activating dormant Epstein-Barr virus.

Urinary Tract Infections

Managing infections can be difficult in terms of symptoms and causes, especially if we wish to avoid the use of antibiotics or other medications that may mask or actually increase the problem. We received the following question:

Q. What can I do about the many urinary tract infections that I seem to get?

A. Firstly, the causes of this have to be evaluated:

1. Women have often called this condition the ‘honeymoon disease’ because a new sex partner can either irritate the urethra or introduce new bacteria. A man’s semen is alkaline and the ph of the vagina should be slightly acidic. This creates fertile conditions for the growth of bacteria. One solution is to urinate immediately after intercourse to clear the urethra, even if only just a small amount. Secondly, there is a vaginal douche of organic apple cider vinegar in very diluted form given in The Secrets of Rejuvenation book – view details of the book here. See our Handy Health Hints post here.

2. Vaginal infections as well as urinary tract infections are indicative of systemic candidiasis. See the list of symptoms here.  (Urinary tract infections in men are more rare, due to the length of their urethra and the distance that bacteria must travel to reach their bladder, but they can be caused by a vaginal infection of their sex partner.) If you have 4 or more of the candidiasis symptoms, the only real answer to rid the body of the yeast overgrowth is to follow the 5-month program found in How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here. Candidiasis can exist in aerobic and anaerobic form. Once it enters the bloodstream it is very difficult to eliminate in any other way and the problem is compounded by the poor state of the digestive tract of most people due to our modern diets.

3. The third reason, I find to be far more prevalent than one would expect, since the medical profession often disacknowledges its existence. There is a condition that exists in which acidic drinks such as fruit juices, carbonated beverages (which contain phosphoric, ascorbic and citric acid) and highly acidic foods such as tomato based spaghetti sauce burns the most outer cellular layer of the bladder and/or the urethra. When this happens, the bacteria in urine adhere to the walls, the way that dust would stick to skin that has been burned. This causes ongoing bacterial infections. A student who had experienced 13 years of bladder infections and had been seen by every conceivable expert in the urology field within the United States, had her condition clear entirely by simply removing acidic drinks and foods from her diet and increasing pure water intake.

Please be aware that urinary tract infections often indicate the inability to freely and purely express. This can be the case because of intimidation by petty tyrants or restrictions placed on ourselves because of attempts to pacify others or to be accepted and loved. The freedom of our expression is paramount in fulfilling our unique contribution to humanity.