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Calcifications in the Body

Q. How can I rid my body of calcifications?

A. We recommend Mundipur spagyric homeopathic remedy (see our post of 3/3/13 What Are Spagyric Homeopathic Remedies), dosage is one teaspoonful, 3 times per day.  Drink plenty of water as the Mundipur is highly effective and the calcium must be flushed out of your body. You can also strengthen these systems with additional homeopathic remedies:  the liver (ApoHepat), kidneys/bladder and urological tract (Renelix) and lymph system (Itires). These can be taken together; dosage is 15 drops, 3 times a day. Always take homeopathic remedies away from food by at least one hour and use plastic spoon or dosing cup (do not use metal).

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