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Lavender Oil Properties

Q. What essential oil would you recommend for cuts and bruises and for burns*?

A. The answer is the same for all three: therapeutic grade lavender oil (such as the Young Living Oils brand). It has anti-viral, antiseptic and antibacterial qualities and is the single most important oil to prevent scarring and blistering from a burn. I recommend dousing the burn immediately in very cold water, or to treat it with ice. Keep the burn in the cold water (or by applying ice) as long as it takes to allow the initial pain and discomfort to subside. The 2nd step would be to douse the burn and to re-apply the lavender oil as needed. The 3rd step would be to cover the wound with tannic acid jelly. Tannin is a substance found in tea and has been found to be very successful in the treatment of burns. The tannin prevents the wound from drying and cracking as well as from sticking to bandages, which should be applied to any open wounds to prevent infection. (Note: it may be necessary to obtain a prescription for tannic acid jelly or to obtain it from a compounding pharmacy.)

Lavender essential oil is available (and all Young Living Oils products), through our Spiritual Journeys office: 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in the US.

*Note: It is suggested to seek emergency assistance for serious burns of 2nd or 3rd degree.