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Accessing Abundance

Concepts for contemplation ~

  • Barriers of limitation seem as thick as concrete to us. This is due to our belief systems. When we see behind the appearances, they effortlessly dissolve.
  • To live within the Infinite’s Being is to live in the fullness of an inexhaustible supply. Acknowledging the never ending Source of abundance increases its accessibility.
  • Most who seek abundance focus on their perceived lack and thereby strengthen it. See yourself as part of the abundance of Creation. There are trillions of field flowers, grains of sand, stars. Your body too consists of abundant life. Let your affirmation be: “I am abundance.”

Excerpts from The Abundant Life, Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Mastery by Almine. What will The Abundant Life do for you? This book focuses specifically on abundance in Self, in relationships, in your environment as well as the high art of manifesting abundance. The Abundant Life teaches you how to remove all blockages that reduce flow and to access the natural abundance inherent within your being.

bootstrap_almine_v5While this book’s focus is on the subject of abundance, it hints at the grand vision Almine holds for all of human life, once it steps into surrender and mastery. As such, it is a great introduction to all of Almine’s work.

Body and Soul

Concepts for contemplation ~

The body tries to change through elimination and the soul through assimilation. These body systems will act up and age one, if these processes are not combined with receptive stillness – a grounding energy. Jointly, they create exponential change and profound shifts result from expending only a bit of energy.

Rejuvenation_1024x1024See Secrets of Rejuvenation book and online course.

The Nature of Pain

We share an excerpt below from Almine’s upcoming book on the Lemurian Angels, regarding the nature of pain.

The negative emotions, when suppressed go inwards into inner space, rather than going away.  The answer is to remove their distortion by evolving them to a higher purpose. Pain is the desire to change but when pain is seen as a guidance system, rather than an unwelcome tyrant, its nature changes to pressure. It becomes a pressured directive to change directions. The more the pressure, the more the momentum of the change.  Our resistance is an invitation for it to increase.

Learn about The Language of Pain on our post of April 1 on this website and in these books by Almine (click on the links) A Life of Miracles (the inside story about Almine’s life of mastery and mystery) and Handbook for Healers (Almine’s most recent book for all interested in health and rejuvenation).

lifeofmiracles_largeFor an overview of all books by Almine, visit our webstore here – most books are available in paper and digital/ebook version.

The Secret of How We Experience Time

This is a really fascinating explanation concerning our experience of ‘time’ – it’s a quote from Secrets of Dragon Magic by Almine – coming soon to our webstore book section in both paper and ebk download version.

“A great secret now we tell for those who want to understand how it is possible for life around them to be a mirror and how, to another, you are but a mirror: The secret to unlock this mystery is time. It rotates like a disc with each life form having a position on the disc. Wherever your awareness is focused on the disc is the present moment for you. Only
those elements of existence you are focused on are real in that, only where your awareness is, can you access the patterns of possibilities of existence. Everything outside of your ‘moment,’ or your illuminated spot on the turning disc of time, is but an unreal shadow on the mirrored walls of your chrysalis.”

“The fact that everyone’s ‘real’ moment is on a different spot on the wheel of time means that we live in different realities and in different times. Each moment is real only because it is a spot that someone has become aware of by seeing the patterns of specific possibilities that stimulate action. This creates their reality. If we focus on another set of possibilities, we immediately change our reality.”