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Rebuilding Bone

Handy Health Hint/Health Question

Q. Per your recommendation, I went to a Nucca Chiropractor (McTimony in Europe and England) to have my atlas joint adjusted. That has helped a lot with the gnashing of my teeth (bruxism – grinding and clenching teeth) at night but the doctor says the bone has atrophied from years of subluxation (misalignment). How can the bone be rebuilt?

A. 1. Correcting postures that cause the weight of your head to put undue stress on those joints. For instance, raise your desk so that your head does not look down at your paperwork as much as possible.
2. Gentle exercises, to keep the muscles flexible but strong, recommended by your chiropractor would be helpful.
3. An extremely helpful product is available called Reliv Classic Formula. It is available through our Spiritual Journeys office (1-877-552-5646).

The long-term use of this product on a daily basis builds bone (perhaps for 6 months). Drinking a protein shake in the morning with this protein formula, almond milk, and stevia is a wonderful way to start the day.

The doctor who developed it has his back broken in several places in Vietnam and was told he would be in a wheel chair for life. Hundreds of formulas later he discovered the Reliv Classic Formula and is walking with a cane today.