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Sleep Disturbances and Menopause

More information about restful sleep.

Q. Is it absolutely unavoidable to experience hot flashes during menopause?

A. It is very avoidable. The first thing is to balance the endocrine system through acupuncture. This may initially, or in severe cases, require monthly treatments. Eventually, treatment once every three months and then you should not need it at all.

The next crucial preventive measure for avoiding and/or eliminating hot flashes during menopause is a vegetarian or very low saturated fat diet. Be aware that hot flashes clean out the liver and the gallbladder. They are paired organs, and if one is under distress, so is the other one. Excess hormones of one type or another during a hormonal imbalance are fatty waste products. This stresses the gallbladder and hence the liver. Changing your diet (for instance, to the diet we recommend in the Chronic Disease program) could increase hot flashes as the fatty waste products are released during the first week but then it should steadily improve. As I have previously stated, I very strongly recommend that natural methods be found to deal with this problem, rather than the current hormone replacement from animal urine.

Blood Sugar

The last reason for night sweats is sugar intolerance, diabetes or reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia occurs from fluctuations of blood sugar levels due to allergies. If you are not able to metabolize sugar and you eat white starch from midafternoon to late evening, as well as other sugars, it will create the night sweating that is the bane of diabetics’ existence.  Dietary regulation is definitely the answer for this.