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Sound Healing Modalities ~ How They Work

 The Purpose of the Rosecrucian Sound Healing Modalities

Three diverse sound healing techniques are given to address the three steps of healing that create the opportunity for stable and long-term beneficial results to manifest.

The first step in healing is the removal of illusion: The Alchemical Sound Healing of the Rosecrucians represents this. Illusion can be considered a scab or scar tissue that formed as a program or belief system, in the place of full self-expression. It blocks the healing of an area and requires certain life changes and attitude amendments to prevent the healing from being rejected or reversed.

The second step in a comprehensive program is the healing itself, represented by The Alchemical Sound Healing of the Rosecrucians and Belvaspata. The healing stage allows the frequency of the problem area to be changed and flow to be restored. It can be compared to an increase in the flow of a river breaking a beaver dam. Increased light is also used as a means of increasing the frequency and restoring vitality to dormant or congested areas.

The modality of Rosecrucian Sound Healing addresses step three: The remembrance that a separation cannot occur and that the true nature of our being is timeless and endless. The restoration of the memory of oneness is the culmination of the process to address the message of disease and re-establish its healthful expression.

The three diverse healing techniques each have a unique and specific value in facilitating healing, like three different paths up a mountain. When used jointly, they create a powerful and effective tool. It is recommended that they be used in three separate sessions no less than 4 hours apart. They can be successfully used days apart but for the best results, it is recommended that they be no more than seven days apart.

18AlchSoundElixirs-XThe “Alchemical Sound Healing” MP3 download used for Rosecrucian Sound Healing is comprised of 18 Alchemical Sound Elixirs received intuitively and sung by Almine. These sound elixirs function at multiple levels. They utilize the vast alchemical knowledge available through her work to eliminate dis-ease at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

It has been found that mental, emotional and physical disease is the result of missing frequencies within the individual’s ‘sonic signature’. Frequencies can be lost or missing due to genetics, family trauma and unresolved issues within the person’s life that have not yielded insights.

How Belvaspata Healing Works

We feature a question that we received about Belvaspata* and other healing modalities – are they all equally effective at healing and why? Thank you to M.K, Hawaii for her question.

Q. I am currently a practitioner of Pranic Healing, which is a no touch healing modality, that involves scanning for energy depletion/ congestion, breaking down and removing that ‘dirty energy’ and then re-energizing those areas/chakras with fresh prana, or energy. I have been drawn to Almine for some time now, and have been drawn to Belvaspata. I have ordered Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, and I am concerned with whether or not to continue with pranic healing.  With the changes Almine has spoken of on how most of the energy healing modalities are no longer effective, I am torn. I have felt the positive effects of Pranic Healing yet now that I am aware of the changes Almine has spoken of, I am hesitant to continue with that type of energy healing.

I am curious if Pranic Healing is one of the energy healing modalities that is no longer effective, as Almine stated opposites now repel. Pranic Healing cleanses the area of the dirty/opposite energy before energizing with clean prana. Would there still be a repelling?

Almine’s reply: Currently prana is an element still used by those who are within the human grid. As the god reality becomes stronger and stronger each day, some of your clients may be living their godhood, without even knowing that this has occurred. The elements of prana, energy, light and frequency, utilize different elements all together than the incorruptible element of the great lights on Earth that consist of indivisible tonal luminosity. Belvaspata is designed to be able to be used on whatever reality your client is living from. It is also designed to change as life on Earth evolves because of its origins as a gift directly from Source.

To summarize, therefore, for a while the prana healing will continue to work, but only on some people and knowing the difference between a god being walking amongst humanity in forgetfulness and someone living from the human matrix is very difficult.  Hope this is helpful for you – our reality is changing so rapidly since the end of 2012, that it is an enormous blessing to have a healing modality that changes with it.


*Belvaspata is an angelic healing modality first received by Almine in 2006. Unlike previous healing modalitites that are directional and work with enegry and matter, it is non-linear and works with light and frequency. Due to how it works in a non-polar, non-linear way, it is drawn to where it most creates balance. Listen to Almine speak about how Belvaspata works and read more about “What is Belvaspata” here on our Belvaspata website.

Improving Health through Fragrance Alchemy

Q. Is there any healing protocol available to work on unconscious or subconscious issues – including non-physical issues?

A. Krihanash Belvaspata specifically works on healing the soul level through the use of fragrance alchemy oils that clear the 12 major meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. Belvaspata is the angelic healing modality of light and frequency – you can read more about it here on our Belvaspata home site.

Below you can find the oil and the main meridian of the body that it corresponds to. The correct acupressure points for the 12 different meridians are included in the book, along with the sigils and alchemical equations but for now, you can easily research the major meridians on the internet. To determine which meridian that would be beneficial for you to work with, find the symptoms which seem to represent your major issues.

Note: It is not required to use the oils during the exact times mentioned below – they are the optimal times, but not essential. Rub the oil into the meridian point for some benefit. To experience the most complete benefits of this healing protocol, we recommend the use of the sigils which will be given in the Krihanash Belvaspata manual, due out prior to the end of 2013. Look for mention of its arrival on our newsletter (you can sign up on our home website) or see Spiritual Journeys webstore paper and e-book sections.

  • Lung meridian: Neroli. Optimum healing time is from 3 am to 5 am. Symptoms are grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness.
  • Large intestines meridian: Jasmine. Optimum healing time is from 5 am to 7 am. Symptoms are guilt, remorse, disappointment and opposition to change.
  • Stomach meridian: Sandalwood. Optimum healing time is from 7 am to 9 am. Symptoms are shame or blame, disgust and greed.
  • Spleen meridian: Goddess Blend (primary ingredient is fuchsia). Optimum healing time is from 9 am to 11 am. Symptoms are worry, anxiety about the future, self-destructiveness and mood swings.
  • Heart meridian: Rose. Optimum healing time is from 11 am to 1 pm. Symptoms are joylessness, anger, self-pity and neediness.
  • Small intestine meridian: Lotus. Optimum healing time is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Symptoms are insecurity, sadness, feelings of abandonment and feeling unheard.
  • Bladder meridian: Flower of Saffron. Optimum healing time is from  3 pm to 5 pm. Symptoms are fright or shock, impatience, restlessness and feeling unfulfilled.
  • Kidney meridian: Narcissus. Optimum healing time is from 5 pm to 7 pm. Symptoms are fear, indecision, loss and injustice.
  • Circulation meridian: Henna. Optimum healing time is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Symptoms are emotional injury, addiction, jealousy and regret.
  • Thyroid meridian: Oud Oil/God Blend. Optimum healing time is from  9 pm to 11 pm. Symptoms are suicidal tendencies, hopelessness, depression and despair.
  • Galbladder meridian: Patchouli. Optimum healing time is from 11pm to 1 am. Symptoms are rage, impotence, stagnation, stuckness and self-importance.
  • Liver meridian: Gardenia. Optimum healing time is from 1 am to 3 am. Protectiveness, need to save, phobias (misdirected terror) and obsessiveness.

Learning Language with Angelic Assistance

During a recent spiritual retreat with Almine, two new angels that specifically assist with learning and remembering languages were received. Almine explains that these angels have no sigils (What is a sigil? See our post of September 22, 2011 about sigils here on our Belvaspata* website for more details.)

For help with languages, call the angels name out loud or silently to request their assistance.

  • Virinish-ursaba (feminine) for confidence in learning and speaking a foreign language
  • Mirabesh-varavit (masculine) for memory in learning language(s)

Q. What is Belvaspata?

A. Belvaspata, which means healing of the heart, is an angelic healing modality that works with light and frequency, versus energy and matter. This healing modality was received by Almine as a result of huge cosmic changes that took place in 2006.  Read more about it here. There is also a specific type of this angelic healing modality to be used for healing animals, called Kriyavaspata, see our post of March 30, 2013 here for more details.

Poetic Perspective and Abundant Life

~ Happy Mother’s Day ~

To Almine, and to all mothers everywhere!

Take moments in your day to assess your abundant resources; the joy of accomplishment, the love of a child. Then you will find you are wealthy indeed.


The true currency of an abundant life is elegance and grace born of self-respect. It is available to all.

02-LGC-TheEternalMomentII-20x30-WebThe Eternal Song

Painting by Almine


Wheel LPGWe hope that you enjoy the Love, Praise and Gratitude Wheel of Belvaspata, Healing of the Angels – the angelic healing modality of light and frequency. Use the wheel as you would any sacred tool such as a mandala or icon. Suggestions are to hang on the wall in your work space or an area where you spend lots of time, place under your bed or a chair, laminate and place in your shoes or purse/wallet.


Our being is our source of limitless supply. We are heirs to the One Life’s supply — wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

A positive attitude begets increase. With a surrendered embrace of life, the pushing away of resources will cease. Centripetal force, the result of an inclusive attitude, pulls all towards you for a life of plenitude.

~ Excerpts from Abundant Life


Information about HIV, AIDS and Belvaspata, the Angelic healing modality received by Almine. Read more about “What is Belvaspata?” on our dedicated website.

HIV and Belvaspata
People that don’t have HIV, have used the Belvaspata protocol for HIV and have felt a tremendous shift. Others who have been diagnosed with the disease also reported encouraging results in their blood work in the short time that they have been using the Belvaspata protocol.

Q. Some people that don’t have HIV, have used the Belvaspata HIV protocol and have felt a tremendous shift. I felt something was missing from the HIV protocol and thought you might like to address this.

A. There is not anything missing but a link needs to be made. The 3rd level, Book I of the Arasatma breathing technique as taught in the online course, Gateway to the Magical Life, The Sacred Breathing Technique of Arasatma is for the release of guilt. HIV/AIDS is a disease of guilt. Perform Level I, II and III of the Arasatma breathing technique as directed in the course material (and upcoming book) along with the Belvaspata protocol for HIV for the best results. It is extremely helpful for people to do Level III quite a few times (must do level I and II first, follow the directions) along with the Belvaspata protocol for HIV.

Belvaspata for AIDS/HIV is an upcoming book in our series of Belvaspata Angel Healing volumed set. See other Belvaspata manuals here on our Spiritual Journeys webstore.