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Babies and Elderly – Fragrance Alchemy Oils

Q. We welcomed a beautiful newborn baby into our family very recently. Is it safe to use the Fragrance Alchemy oils  on the baby? I was thinking of using the 2 oils that balance the aspects of the masculine (Oud/Blend of the Gods) and feminine (Goddess Blend) to help the baby balance within their new environment.

A. Even though they are very pure and of high quality, it is not advisable to use the Fragrance Alchemy oils directly on the skin of a baby. This is also the case with the very elderly – both groups are very sensitive and have delicate skin. It is best to use the oils in the environment of the baby (or elderly person), in very small amounts. For example, you can place the oil on the infant’s mother in very tiny amounts and away from direct contact where the baby will nurse or have direct skin contact. For the elderly, a small amount of oil could be gently rubbed on the soles of the feet and soft, white cotton socks applied to warm the skin. A few drops of an oil may also be added to an open bowl or flask of pure water for a delicate aroma and therapeutic effect – do not place too close to the individual.