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Gateway Between Inner and Outer Realities

Q.  Could you elaborate on auto-immune disorders in relation to the thymus and the condition known as Myasthenia Gravis?  This condition results in weakened muscles due to faulty transmission of nerve impulses across nerve and muscle junctions. It’s a rare condition mainly affecting women.  The thymus can sometimes develop a growth and is sometimes removed, so the blood and lymph are affected and the body loses it’s natural defense. Drug treatment with steroids helps but of course has nasty side effects. Your thoughts on the deeper underlying causes would be very much appreciated. I’m asking on behalf of someone dear, who I’m working with, along side conventional treatment.

A. The thymus is the gateway between inner and outer realities. Auto-immune disorders have to do with the inner war between the passive and the active. The inner reality that is so seldom brought to it’s full capacity is the place where the subtle nuances through the inner senses of Infinite intent are received. The outer reality then interprets them into action. Auto-immune diseases come from either despising our humanness or our physicality (some religious backgrounds teach of the unworthiness of the flesh and Eastern religions seek to escape it through expansion). It should instead be considered a unique perspective of the Infinite examining Itself – the perspective of inspiration of Self-inspiration. It is therefore necessary that time is taken for stillness. Examine deprecating feelings towards the body and feelings of unworthiness, and  take the time to see the value of the body, sending appreciation and praise into various areas of the body (the genitals as well as the physical shape of the body are areas where self hatred is present). Learning to take time to listen to the inner senses is vital and getting rid of self-destructive feelings because of hopelessness is another worthwhile endeavor for anyone who has an auto-immune disorder.  If steroids have been taken, it is very important that the 5-month purification and detoxification program should be done every time they are taken as the ‘nasty side effects’ of the steroids will be present and only worsen over the years.

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Vitiligo is a skin condition in which irregular white patches develop on the skin. Any location of the body can be affected and most people with the condition have them in many different locations. Vitiligo has no known cause but occurs when the cells that give your skin its color (melanocytes) are destroyed.

First of all, we must always ask whether a condition is caused by a bacteria or virus. In this case, it has been found that it is not linked to any known bacteria or virus at all, but is an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks itself.  Vitiligo is not an infectious condition and so cannot be spread from one person to another.

In addressing its spiritual causes one therefore can understand that there is lack of self-love as it is an autoimmune disorder. Self- love can only be present when there is self-knowledge – hence the tremendous emphasis that we place in our teachings on truly coming home to yourself, knowing what makes your heart happy and following those promptings. Any areas where guilt is felt in the body could create such a condition under specific factors or stressful events such as:

  • Childbirth
  • Damage or injury to your skin (from chemicals, sunburn, trauma)
  • Exposure to chemicals in the workplace or environment



  • Strengthening of the spleen through use of Ailgeno spagyric* homeopathic remedy for several months, follow the dosage on bottle.
  • UV light therapy– may reverse the condition if used on a daily basis.
  • Grounding – Use a grounding mat under your bare feet while sitting for at least 45 minutes per day or grounding sheets on your bed. Grounding can also be done by walking with bare feet or wearing non-insulating shoes or sitting on the ground for 45 minutes.


What are *Spagyric Homeopathic remedies?

First developed by the 16th Century Swiss physician Paracelsus, spagyrism represents a form of homeopathy in which both vital healing energy and active substances are extracted from medicinal plants, creating powerful mother tinctures that can be further potentiated. Derived from the Greek words spao (separate) and ageiro (unite), spagyric remedies were originally created by fermenting parts of wild herbs. This process produced concentrated aromatic solutions that were extracted and separated from the bulk plant matter. After fermentation was completed, the plant material was distilled in a special device, and the remainder dried and burned. The ashes were extracted and purified via distillation, then recombined with the concentrated solution. As a result, the finished spagyric essence contained the mineral constituent parts of the plant. Paracelsus pointed out that the vital energy of an herb is more important than the plant material itself. Combining the ideas of Paracelsus with modern manufacturing techniques, PEKANA produces its powerful spagyric remedies using four key steps: separation, purification, incineration and reunification.

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Thyroid and Auto-Immune Disorders

Q. I have been diagnosed with Basedow’s disease*, which is an auto-immune disease which attacks the thyroid, manifesting for me as a hyper-active thyroid and rather important weight loss. What does the thyroid represent?

A. The thyroid represents the will, desire or ability to move forward in life. The thyroid is stimulated by marching music for example, as used in war to urge soldiers onward. When the throat chakra and the thyroid area become over-active, it is because we are in survival mode and we are in an emergency response to life rather than being able to totally surrender to life in trust and peace –we are very hyper in trying to drive ourselves forward. The fact that auto-immune symptoms are attached to the thyroid area has to do with the fact that they are self-destructive. What we don’t realize is that only activity blocks flow in return. It is necessary for us to be active while being open to flow or alternating the time of beingness with the time of doingness. Disease will force us into beingness if this principle is not lived.

Thyroid conditions are often preceded by a toxic environment from heavy metals. You should be tested for heavy metals and you should take some steps to chelate out the heavy metals. High doses of Vitamin C (ascorbate) up to 1,000 mg, whatever the amount that the body will tolerate is recommended, but not to be taken at bedtime. Also, Pekana products that support the chelation process: Toxex, Apo-Hepat, Itires for at least 2-3 months to get rid of the metals. You can test yourself before and after treatment for heavy metals if desired.

*This disorder is known as Graves disease in the United States and Basedow’s disease in Europe.

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