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Eternal Beingness

  • Speak not to manipulate, control or persuade, but let your words be free from attached outcome. Your words are the veils that are drawn to reveal or conceal the never-ending mysteries of the Eternal Being.
  • Touch is the way to explore life in a deeper way. Allow yourself to feel with more than your skin, for in feeling an object, or another with the fullness of your being, alchemy of inspired, exponential change occurs.
  • Be aware of what food you wish to reach for, since it serves the purpose through taste, of inspiring into expression the full resonance of the indivisible and eternal that you are.
  • Sight is a doorway through which the real and eternal enters to perceive Itself. When sight believes it knows, it creates its own prison bars of belief systems.

Excerpts from The Sacred Breaths of Arasatma, Mastering the Breaths of Eternal Life. Available soon on Spiritual Journeys webstore, in the paper and ebook sections.

Self Sustenance

A few questions and answers from our readers.


Q. How do we become self-sustaining – give up food, etc. – if this is our next step?

A. There is an 8th band of compassion, an additional direction/ frequency. The nutrition of this band is self-generating. As you learn authentic self-expression, you will always generate what sustains you. As you emphasize a particular aspect, you will generate what is required.



Q. What is the purpose of the new Arasatma Breathing techniques?

A. The pranic tube is a tool. When it is unbound, we realize that our dream and awake time are the same, beyond them are eternal regeneration and rejuvenation. It can be done as a sacred daily ceremony and assists to purify and detoxify the body of toxins, including heavy metals and radiation.

The Arasatma breathing techniques are presented in the online course, (click here) Gateway to the Magical Life. See more about the Secrets of Rejuvenation in the online course and book by Almine.


Information about HIV, AIDS and Belvaspata, the Angelic healing modality received by Almine. Read more about “What is Belvaspata?” on our dedicated website.

HIV and Belvaspata
People that don’t have HIV, have used the Belvaspata protocol for HIV and have felt a tremendous shift. Others who have been diagnosed with the disease also reported encouraging results in their blood work in the short time that they have been using the Belvaspata protocol.

Q. Some people that don’t have HIV, have used the Belvaspata HIV protocol and have felt a tremendous shift. I felt something was missing from the HIV protocol and thought you might like to address this.

A. There is not anything missing but a link needs to be made. The 3rd level, Book I of the Arasatma breathing technique as taught in the online course, Gateway to the Magical Life, The Sacred Breathing Technique of Arasatma is for the release of guilt. HIV/AIDS is a disease of guilt. Perform Level I, II and III of the Arasatma breathing technique as directed in the course material (and upcoming book) along with the Belvaspata protocol for HIV for the best results. It is extremely helpful for people to do Level III quite a few times (must do level I and II first, follow the directions) along with the Belvaspata protocol for HIV.

Belvaspata for AIDS/HIV is an upcoming book in our series of Belvaspata Angel Healing volumed set. See other Belvaspata manuals here on our Spiritual Journeys webstore.