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Releasing Trauma Through Yoga

Q. I’ve heard about a specific yoga that is designed to assist with release of trauma from the physical body. Can you tell me more about it and how it works?

A. Aranash Suba Yoga, The Yoga of Enlightenment, works at a deep core level to assist with releasing trauma, specifically through the effects that the postures, meditations and stretches have on the psoas muscle. This yoga turns its back on the illusions of programming and embraces the contradiction of an existence of no opposites. The overall benefit is to release the hold of illusion and strengthen the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.

AranashSubaYoga_1024x1024Read the first 8 pages of Aranash Suba Yoga here.

See Aranash Suba Yoga paper book here (also available as an E-book download). The book includes a free MP3 download of the Aranash Suba Yoga Sound Elixirs that are to be used with it.

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