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Learning Language with Angelic Assistance

During a recent spiritual retreat with Almine, two new angels that specifically assist with learning and remembering languages were received. Almine explains that these angels have no sigils (What is a sigil? See our post of September 22, 2011 about sigils here on our Belvaspata* website for more details.)

For help with languages, call the angels name out loud or silently to request their assistance.

  • Virinish-ursaba (feminine) for confidence in learning and speaking a foreign language
  • Mirabesh-varavit (masculine) for memory in learning language(s)

Q. What is Belvaspata?

A. Belvaspata, which means healing of the heart, is an angelic healing modality that works with light and frequency, versus energy and matter. This healing modality was received by Almine as a result of huge cosmic changes that took place in 2006.  Read more about it here. There is also a specific type of this angelic healing modality to be used for healing animals, called Kriyavaspata, see our post of March 30, 2013 here for more details.