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How Belvaspata Healing Works

We feature a question that we received about Belvaspata* and other healing modalities – are they all equally effective at healing and why? Thank you to M.K, Hawaii for her question.

Q. I am currently a practitioner of Pranic Healing, which is a no touch healing modality, that involves scanning for energy depletion/ congestion, breaking down and removing that ‘dirty energy’ and then re-energizing those areas/chakras with fresh prana, or energy. I have been drawn to Almine for some time now, and have been drawn to Belvaspata. I have ordered Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, and I am concerned with whether or not to continue with pranic healing.  With the changes Almine has spoken of on how most of the energy healing modalities are no longer effective, I am torn. I have felt the positive effects of Pranic Healing yet now that I am aware of the changes Almine has spoken of, I am hesitant to continue with that type of energy healing.

I am curious if Pranic Healing is one of the energy healing modalities that is no longer effective, as Almine stated opposites now repel. Pranic Healing cleanses the area of the dirty/opposite energy before energizing with clean prana. Would there still be a repelling?

Almine’s reply: Currently prana is an element still used by those who are within the human grid. As the god reality becomes stronger and stronger each day, some of your clients may be living their godhood, without even knowing that this has occurred. The elements of prana, energy, light and frequency, utilize different elements all together than the incorruptible element of the great lights on Earth that consist of indivisible tonal luminosity. Belvaspata is designed to be able to be used on whatever reality your client is living from. It is also designed to change as life on Earth evolves because of its origins as a gift directly from Source.

To summarize, therefore, for a while the prana healing will continue to work, but only on some people and knowing the difference between a god being walking amongst humanity in forgetfulness and someone living from the human matrix is very difficult.  Hope this is helpful for you – our reality is changing so rapidly since the end of 2012, that it is an enormous blessing to have a healing modality that changes with it.


*Belvaspata is an angelic healing modality first received by Almine in 2006. Unlike previous healing modalitites that are directional and work with enegry and matter, it is non-linear and works with light and frequency. Due to how it works in a non-polar, non-linear way, it is drawn to where it most creates balance. Listen to Almine speak about how Belvaspata works and read more about “What is Belvaspata” here on our Belvaspata website.

What is Ascension

Welcome to Almine’s “Ascension User Manual 101”.

This material was originally designed as a 20-day online course; it includes 4 hours of video and 170 pages of PDF text. The text is also provided as web pages. Scroll down to the bottom of each page for the PDF download link.

Regarding Almine’s vast body of metaphysics, it is often asked, what is the best place to start? Pathway to Ascension is one of the best places to start, followed by The Atlantean Book of Angels.

You may also check more free products here.

This course is Almine’s gift to you. We hope you will enjoy it!

Learning Language with Angelic Assistance

During a recent spiritual retreat with Almine, two new angels that specifically assist with learning and remembering languages were received. Almine explains that these angels have no sigils (What is a sigil? See our post of September 22, 2011 about sigils here on our Belvaspata* website for more details.)

For help with languages, call the angels name out loud or silently to request their assistance.

  • Virinish-ursaba (feminine) for confidence in learning and speaking a foreign language
  • Mirabesh-varavit (masculine) for memory in learning language(s)

Q. What is Belvaspata?

A. Belvaspata, which means healing of the heart, is an angelic healing modality that works with light and frequency, versus energy and matter. This healing modality was received by Almine as a result of huge cosmic changes that took place in 2006.  Read more about it here. There is also a specific type of this angelic healing modality to be used for healing animals, called Kriyavaspata, see our post of March 30, 2013 here for more details.

Poetic Perspective and Abundant Life

~ Happy Mother’s Day ~

To Almine, and to all mothers everywhere!

Take moments in your day to assess your abundant resources; the joy of accomplishment, the love of a child. Then you will find you are wealthy indeed.


The true currency of an abundant life is elegance and grace born of self-respect. It is available to all.

02-LGC-TheEternalMomentII-20x30-WebThe Eternal Song

Painting by Almine


Wheel LPGWe hope that you enjoy the Love, Praise and Gratitude Wheel of Belvaspata, Healing of the Angels – the angelic healing modality of light and frequency. Use the wheel as you would any sacred tool such as a mandala or icon. Suggestions are to hang on the wall in your work space or an area where you spend lots of time, place under your bed or a chair, laminate and place in your shoes or purse/wallet.


Our being is our source of limitless supply. We are heirs to the One Life’s supply — wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

A positive attitude begets increase. With a surrendered embrace of life, the pushing away of resources will cease. Centripetal force, the result of an inclusive attitude, pulls all towards you for a life of plenitude.

~ Excerpts from Abundant Life

The Nature of Pain

We share an excerpt below from Almine’s upcoming book on the Lemurian Angels, regarding the nature of pain.

The negative emotions, when suppressed go inwards into inner space, rather than going away.  The answer is to remove their distortion by evolving them to a higher purpose. Pain is the desire to change but when pain is seen as a guidance system, rather than an unwelcome tyrant, its nature changes to pressure. It becomes a pressured directive to change directions. The more the pressure, the more the momentum of the change.  Our resistance is an invitation for it to increase.

Learn about The Language of Pain on our post of April 1 on this website and in these books by Almine (click on the links) A Life of Miracles (the inside story about Almine’s life of mastery and mystery) and Handbook for Healers (Almine’s most recent book for all interested in health and rejuvenation).

lifeofmiracles_largeFor an overview of all books by Almine, visit our webstore here – most books are available in paper and digital/ebook version.