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Six Ways to Eliminate Ego

Practical tools for eliminating ego:

1. Claiming our ‘undesirable’ parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their ‘song’.

2. Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control.

3. Living a surrendered life that knows that the folly of others should be observed (but not engaged) as the mirrors of areas within ourselves where we need to express the song of self.

4. Relinquishing all need to define ourselves and to be understood.

5. Ruthlessly eliminating the focus on what is not the way we want it to be – this only increases the illusion of lack.

6. Contemplating deeply the meaning of the great truth: “Nothing can ever be truly obsolete.”

How to Create Heaven on Earth Through Grateful Emphases with “Predictions by Almine”, shared weekly on our Spiritual Journeys website and Almine Diary.

Prediction for the week of June 30 – July 06, 2013
Change is in the air – embrace it with hopefulness and follow the song of your heart. Acknowledge your blessings gratefully, that they may increase through emphases. Fly above the petty grievances of others so that you may create heaven on Earth.


Releasing Emotional Ties

Almine’s Weekly Prediction for the week of May 26 – June 01, 2013
The liberating freedom of releasing nostalgic ties and values of the past, will allow the deep sanctuaries of the inner life to reveal themselves. Take time for aloneness and meditation. Instead of chasing life, it will come to you.

Almine’s Weekly Predictions are based on the Calendar of Oneness. See Almine Diary and Spiritual Journeys home webpage each week for new posts.

Q. What is the Calendar of Oneness?

A. On the 24th of December 2011, a most momentous event occurred in the cosmos: the “in breath and out breath of God,” the movement of the cosmic tube torus, came to a stop. This put an end to cosmic linear time and represents the beginning of life unfolding through the alternating emphasis of cosmic tones – The Song of Creation.

Called the “Calendar of Oneness”, it is designed for a life of no opposites; an existence beyond duality, spontaneously unfolding.


Wheel of the Calendar of Oneness

Q. How can the Calendar of Oneness be of benefit to me?

A. From life unfolding as a living work of art and the full surrender to the song of Infinite Expression, the 7 tones are given weekly. They don’t pre-exist. After the tones of the week have been expressed, the next seven tones are created. This is a non-cyclical calendar, meaning no day is ever repeated.

As Almine puts it “the Calendar is the most potent tool for spiritual transformation you can think of”. Imagine the possibility to be able to know what the dominant concept of unfolding life will be for today; imagine the possibility to know what way the Infinite will express itself today in your own life. What is the main focus? What is the ideal angel to work with to integrate this into your own life?

With the Calendar of Oneness Almine looks ahead every week and gives you the way the Infinite One unfolds into Creation. Aligning yourself with and meditating on this unfolding with the knowledge of the Calendar of Oneness is a powerful start to walking a life of mastery.

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