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Questions About Meridian Clearing

Question:  I am using Fragrance Alchemy for the 12 Meridians to heal blockages. Would you advise the use of a pendulum to assist with assessing blockages in meridians?
Answer: Pendulums are too easily influenced by cosmic changes, self-interference and other variables. Muscle testing is better.

Question: What would be the expected time period to see some results with use of the Fragrance Alchemy oils and 12 meridian clearing process?
Answer: For clearing the 12 meridians, one month 3 times a week would be realistic. This constitutes 12 clearings altogether. For cases of childhood trauma as well as sexual abuse: 2 months, 3 times a week is a reasonable period of time to expect results.



Positive, Negative and Neutral Aspects of Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

We post a question from a student in Denmark about the use of Egyptian Fragrance Alchemy oils and the meridians. Thank you Malene for your question!

Q. Would you recommend use of only 1 fragrance per day – such as 12 days consecutive use of the negative, the positive and the neutral aspect of each meridian? (Note: each meridian has it’s own corresponding oil and a negative, positive and neutral point for application of the oil. Each of the points corresponds to an emotion that is either negative, neutral or positive in its expression or lack of expression.) See this post, “Healing Emotions with Meridians” for details on the qualities of the aspects.

A. You can absolutely focus on 1 fragrance and do 12 days for the neutral, 12 days for the negative, and 12 days for the positive merdiain points if you choose.The beauty of using these highly effective, yet gentle and wonderful smelling oils is you can’t go wrong with the combination or the length when you treat yourself. You will know when there’s a difference. Many report that things seems to move in layers as they use the oils one day after the other.

The Sense of Touch

Touch is the way to explore life with greater depth. Allow yourself to feel more than just with your skin, for in feeling an object or another with the fullness of your being, alchemy of inspired, exponential change occurs.