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Powerful Affirmations for the Spine and Brainstem

The following affirmations were originally given on the online course, Walking with the Seer – Month 3, Days 5-11.

Directions for use:

If you want to do these affirmations, they should be repeated every day. And there is a reason for this – normally it takes about 30-60 days to really have something sink in, depending on the programming that you have. The effect is that it creates perception on the side of your dream body – it creates perception, and the perception yields emotion that is also coherent with one who lives from that eternal place of themselves in the awake time; perception yields emotion, and emotion yields perception.

Because we have done all this work of seeing with the larger perspective, seeing with the poetic perspective, seeing with an eternal perspective in our awake time, when we go to the dreamtime and there is no such perception, the frequency or the emotion that is present there can alter our daytime again. And so it feels as though we are working against ourself; as though we are trying to roll a stone up amountain and that it just keeps rolling back down again. These affirmations are for you to be able to send these perceptions from the spinal cord into the kundalini.


Click on the link below for  a chakra chart with Sigils for Balancing Spirit

Sigils for Balancing Spirit

1. I am beginningless and endless. (C1)

2. I am shadowless. (C2)

3. I release all personality. (C3)

4. I awaken to the fullness of my being. (C4)

5. I am surrendered to Infinite Intent. (C5)

6. The currents of eternity flow through me. (C6)

7. I am the one and the many. (C7)

8. I am open to receive from myself. (T1)

9. I am fulfilled beyond my expectations. (T2)

10. I fluidly anticipate abundant existence. (T3)

11. I respond to the Intent of the Eternal Being. (T4)

12. I see the ever-newness of eternity. (T5)

13. I am in complete Oneness through Surrender. (T6)

14. I release all need to control outcome. (T7)

15. I exist authentically. (T8)

16. I am an unfolding work of art. (T9)

17. I dwell in the eternal peace of integrated co-operation. (T10)

18. I simultaneously observe and participate. (T11)

19. I rest in the labor of being. (T12)

20. I am the poetic perspective. (L1)

21. I delight in the beauty of my being. (L2)

22. I find my eternal presence in all. (L3)

23. I move through all expressions of existence. (L4)

24. I experience fusion through resonance. (L5)