Being Home for Our Self

It has been found through years of medical research and studies that cancer often appears within one year following a shock, accident, loss or illness. See The Toltec Dream Dictionary, for more insights into the symbology of our dreams and environment – it’s a free gift on our Spiritual Journeys webstore.

Cancer results when we are not ‘home for ourselves’ – in other words when we abandon our self – to work, to others, to addictions, etc.

The sigil for Presence is one we can use to express our sacred inner space, reminding us of being home for our self and also for support of those diagnosed with cancer. It can be posted on a wall in our work or home, placed under our mattress or under a chair. This sigil is part of the angelic healing modality, Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart and can be found in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume I and II, click here for more details about all Belvaspata books. We invite you to click here to visit our Belvaspata website.

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